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Scholarship grants

We are pleased to confirm that applicants will be able to apply for Scholarship Grants from the charity, The Eric Leonard Kruse Foundation for Health Research (often known as "The ELK-Foundation") for up to half the cost of the Vocational Clinical Registered Stress Practitioner (ClinRSP) and 40% of the fees for the Registered Stress Analysts course.

These grants are limited and early application is essential. If you are considering doing both courses, you should register now as you will receive 50% off both fees plus a further discount. You can cancel your application at any time before you start studying, but delaying may jeopardise your grant.

A spokesperson for The ELK-Foundation said that the decision had been made because the Trustees, who for many years have backed the development of a new healthcare profession working in the stress field, believed that the need for Registered Stress Analysts and Practitioners was urgent due to the downturn in the global economy and the increase in health problems associated with anxiety.

How to Apply

Applicants wishing to apply for a grant should register at the Nicrs website as normal — this can be done on any page by clicking in the top right hand corner. Please then tick the box "Training to be a Registered Stress Analyst (RSA)" or "Training to be a Registered Stress Practitioner (RSP)" - or both.

Grant funding ended on 31st December, 2011, but a new scheme is expected in 2012.

To be informed about new grant schemes, please register your interest.