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What to do when your emotions seem to wave over you

My Stress

I feel stressed

Someone I know feels stressed

Stress types

Helping yourself

How to dissociate

A few words on Useful-stress

A few words on Excess-stress

A few words on Post-slow-stress fatigue

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My stress

Here we help you rationalize and control the stress not just in your life – but in those of your friends, family and colleagues.

There's going to be advice and insight plus an Assessment (the NSA) you can do for yourself – or for someone whose stress levels you think may be too high.

Feel stressed yourself?  This will help.

More on how My Stress can reshape the health and wellbeing of you, your friends, your family and your colleagues here

So... What help can you get now?

Talk to others


Firstly, remember that feeling you have Excess-stress in your life is really common. Almost certainly someone you know does feel, or has felt, almost exactly the same trepidations that you do.If you can think of someone, talk to them about how they felt when they had Excess-stress and how they managed. Just talking can help tremendously.

They (and you) can read about tackling your stress with the help of someone. But if there's no one around at the moment, there's still plenty you can do.

Ask yourself the questions in our stress test

Whether or not you know someone who has experienced similar periods of anxiety to the one you're having now, allocate a time when you can ask the questions on our stress test. Do it now if you can or bookmark this page to come back to when you can have a few quiet moments to yourself.