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How it all began

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How it all began

In the next few months, a number of Press Releases will tell the extraordinary story of how the National institutes for clinical research into stress – the first group of research facilities dedicated to the control of slow-stress - came about.

This is an excerpt from the story of one of the founders:

A long, long time ago, in what seems now like a universe far, far away I worked, on 5 day stints, in Northern Ireland with people subjected to acts of terrorism and, in the spirit of abject professionalism, the perpetrators of those acts. 

The days were stimulating and challenging, but the evenings, particularly in winter, traipsing shiny jet-wet pavements lost, looking for addresses where, when you arrived, you’d hear another story of horror, could be a bit tense. On most trips you looked forward to going home.

One Halloween evening I was waiting at Derry Airport for the plane out. Well that’s not quite true, I couldn’t find my passport and I was waiting for the check-in clerk to wander off so that I could slip through unnoticed. Don’t try this now – security at little airports is rather more sophisticated than it was back then.

I was very stressed.

A lady next to me burst into tears. Then the man on the other side of me did exactly the same.