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Contact us about donating or Gift Aid

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REMEMBER: If you are in the UK and wish to donate anonymously, we can still collect Gift Aid, without knowing who you are, if you donate via the CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) website.

Use either of the keywords "Kruse or "ELK" to find our parent charity (The Eric Leonard Kruse Foundation for Health Research - The ELK-Foundation")..

Please contact us here if you pay tax in other EU countries.



Please donate to the cause of research into stress, and reducing it's effects through professional treatment - you can make a difference.

In addition if you're a UK tax payer we can claim the tax pre-paid through Gift Aid - please complete the form below today.

Also remember that if you pay 40% or 50% UK income tax you can make a claim for tax relief from HM Revenue & Customs in your tax returns for donations made.

Summing up on tax relief for uk residents donating

If you are a standard rate taxpayer – we can collect Gift Aid on your donation.  Please complete the form below.

Gift Aid
Please select the charity within the National institutes to which you donated
Email address
Confirm Email address
House name or number
Post Code
I would like to donate £  now and will send my cheque by post (we will email you details of where to send this)
I am simply confirming that I want you to claim Gift Aid. I last made a donation of £ on

I am a UK / EU tax payer and would like the registered charity below to reclaim the tax on any qualifying donations made since 6 April 2002 and all future donations until I give further notice. I confirm that I have paid an amount of UK income or capital gains tax equal to any tax reclaimed.

You can cancel this declaration at any time by writing to us, for example if you cease to pay tax, but while the declaration is in force, please let us knows if you change your name or address. Remember to notify us if you no longer pay an amount of income tax and/ or capital gains tax equal to the amount of tax that we reclaim on your donations. If you are not sure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, please contact us, or ask your local tax office for leaflet IR113 Gift Aid.



If you are a 40% or 50% tax payer, the above applies – but you can claim tax relief too – usually both on this tax year and the last tax year.  Contact us here and we will be happy to give you more details.