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Course code VC4125



VC4125: Registered Stress Analysts' Diploma

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Registered Stress Analysts are a new profession supporting health professionals, like GPs, family doctors, psychotherapists, Registered Stress Practitioners and other talking therapists, by analysing data from questionnaires, tests and other forms of qualitative analysis, and presenting them in formats that suit their working styles.

The course is a requirement for stress analysts working with organisations providing stress profiling support.

Although much of this data is presented in the form of charts and other visual presentations, we make no formal requirement for qualifications in maths. However, an online self-testing system is used when an application for the course is made and a place is secured.

Working as a Registered Stress Analyst provides a profession with high levels of job satisfaction that can be enjoyed with a great deal of flexibility to suit your lifestyle. Registered Stress Analysts can work full time or as few hours as are practicable for the individual.

New markets for the work of RSAs are being investigated. For example the likely take-up of work from RSAs by HR departments, statisticians, government departments and agencies, particularly those working with Bespoke Stress Profiling. Clearly, for an RSA working freelance, this will provide additional sources of income.

Some Registered Stress Practitioners may consider taking this course to provide them with an integrated knowledge that includes some of the statistical information of particular interest to health professionals and employers.

Candidates successfully completing this course will receive credits towards their RSP course (VC5105) and a reduction in RSP course fees.

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Principle learning method Distance learning: online, with telephone plus initial weekend lectures and seminars

Some attendance necessary? Yes: One weekend plus RSA registration interview after successful course completion

Duration: 220 study hours including reading over 3-4 months

Entry requirements Interview plus IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Level 8 for students for whom English is not a first language

Application status Applications being accepted

Course contact If you have any questions about this course, please email admissions@nicrs.org

Location: London / Oxford


March 2012, July 2012, October 2012


£1200. A limited number of grants are available for up to 40% of the tuition fees if you apply and pay your fees by 31/12/11 - you are advised to apply as soon as possible.

Rationale and aims

The use of assessments and scales to measure the construction and development of stress cases has enabled both patients and health professionals of different disciplines to communicate better.

Understanding the sometimes complex nature of the data that comes from these scales and assessments can be challenging to those health professionals who have limited spare time. To help them, and the patients themselves, the National institutes encourage the use of Registered Stress Analysts (RSAs) who are trained specifically in the interpretation of such data.

In addition to Bespoke Stress Profiling users, General Medical Practitioners, Registered Stress Practitioners, patients and employers will be able to employ the services of RSAs, which will allow successful candidates on this course to work flexibly from anywhere that has internet access.

This course allows a student who has completed any of the modules in the Foundation Course (F4103) deemed necessary at interview, the required practical and theoretical expertise to analyse some of Nicrs’ stress assessments and bespoke stress profiling products.

Subjects to be covered on the course

The structure of human stress

Memory and stress

Emotions: Definitions and deconstruction

Different types of stress and how to recognise them

Monitoring patients with Nicrs’ stress assessments and scales

Communicating with Registered Stress Practitioners

Communicating with other health professionals

Communicating with organisational professionals

Communicating with patients

Reviewing and interpreting patient and client data 

Teaching Methods

This is a distance-learning course with attendance at seminars over one weekend.

Class time is divided between lecturing and group discussion, with questions and interactive participation encouraged at all times. Home study includes practical profiling and written assessments under the guidance of your tutors, background reading and the maintenance of a reflective diary.

Full support is given to people in the distance-learning stage of the course. We are particularly aware that, at first, this process may be a little unfamiliar.

Evaluation is made during the course by continuous assessment.

Learning outcomes:

At the successful conclusion of this course, you will be eligible to sign the Register of Stress Analysts, which enables you to show employers, Registered Stress Practitioners and other health professionals that you are competent and efficient at analysing Nicrs’ stress assessments and bespoke stress profiling products.

Creditable towards:

Registered Stress Analyst Registration

Masters and doctorates arranged by Nicrs and accredited by Middlesex University, London

Other Nicrs recognised programmes including Registered Stress Practitioner qualifications. This means that if you decide to become an RSP having qualified as an RSA, you will pay less money and your course could take less time.

Registering your interest places you under no obligation whatsoever. It simply makes sure that you receive more information.

If you are a registered user and would like to register your interest in this course, please login above.

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