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What to do when your emotions seem to wave over you

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About stress

Stress can come from all manner of sources. In fact managing stress and strategies to deal with stress are a part of modern living and working. Management stress and stress at work, as well as relationship stress are accepted today as major issues.

Stress can be useful. Useful Stress however can be in sharp contrast with stress that builds over time, and dealing with it before it becomes an issue can be more difficult than directly identifiable sources such as trauma.

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We are a registered stress charity which has been setup to pursue a combination of research programmes and training programmes to reduce stress and help stress practitioners aid clients. We are able to do this through charitable contributions made to the Eric Leonard Kruse Foundation for Health Research

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The National institutes for clinical research into stress are here to help you find and create a better balance for you to go on with your daily life. Please click on the relevant link in the left hand or top blue menu.